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About Us

Our Mission

MAC Group Euro Ltd is a sales and marketing company dedicated to supplying professional and passionate amateur photographers and filmakers, as well as educators and students with the world's finest image-making tools.

Each brand we represent has been carefully chosen to meet the requirements of today’s working professionals as well as passionate photographers and filmakers at every experience level. As we grow, we look to partner with companies and brands complementing our vision.

Our Philosophy

We have a “company within a company” philosophy. Each product brand we represent is run as its own company, with full marketing, sales and distribution support to meet the needs of their consumer and dealer audiences. We appoint a product marketing manager and technical sales manager for each brand. Their sole responsibility is to act as "brand champions" making sure the needs and goals of the brand and customers are met. In addition, each brand draws strength from being part of MAC Group Euro Ltd both in respect to our Dealer Network and long-standing relationships throughout the industry. The net effect is a strong unified team devoted to helping brands thrive in our ever expanding industry.

As a sales, marketing and distribution company we fully represent the following photo and video brands.

benro Benro – tripods, monopods and heads
mefoto MeFOTO – tripods
tenba Tenba – camera bags and carry cases



The MAC Group logo is reflective of our three-point focus:

1. Our in-house marketing and communications group builds brand identity and content. 

2. Our sales group focuses on the reseller channel and professionals who create images.

3 Our distribution group handles all aspects of customer service, finance, warehousing and shipping, with the ability to also service every product we sell.

Benro EU Jupio MeFOTO Saramonic Shimoda Tenba
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